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Any construction site, whether large or small, offers ideal scope for personal injury and dangerous occurrences, making on-site health and safety a major priority within the Association.

Member companies must enforce health and safety standards set out in legislation, properly assessing and controlling workplace risks to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all employees, clients and the general public.

Fundamental to achieving this aim is the need to provide an on-going programme of proper instruction, training and equipment, particularly in support of the overall industry aim of a 10% year-on-year reduction in reportable incidents. Wherever possible, the Association, in conjunction with its Members, seeks to identify potential safety standard improvements, further stimulating a positive health and safety culture throughout all areas and activities.

Through its role of focussed lobby point, the Association will represent its Members’ opinions in offering advice – and assistance as required – to the Health and Safety Executive and other bodies on safety matters concerning brickwork and other masonry operations.